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Re: Cygwinperl & tar on Win9x (really tar)

Max Bowsher wrote:
Soren Andersen wrote:

Hello Cygwinauts,

I'd like to report a problem I encountered recently try to run CPAN(.pm)
on Cygwinperl to ... you know what CPAN does.

My system is Win98 and I suspect from absence of reports concerning this
that somehow this isn't affecting people on other-derived M$ Windows
platforms. All of this is vis a vis cygwin on these platforms, of

CPAN fails to be able to make or install modules because the system call
to tar(1) returns an error (generates a SIGSEGV [?] signal) when perl
tries to have tar unroll a module archive. On examination, tar is being
called by perl code in the innards of, with the old-style flags
(switches) un-prefaced by a hyphen/dash/(-) token, e.g.:

$ tar xvf foo.tar

On testing, the stackdump can be caused by manually passing arguments
(flags, switches) to tar(1) without a hyphen. I myself always habitually
use the modern GNU-style with tar, i.e. "$ tar -xvzf foo.tar.gz" when I
run `tar' manually or use it in scripts, so this bug never bit me before
CPAN showed it to me.


Also, sorry, I am composing this message from Debian GNU/Linux, so I
have not the opportunity to generate a "cygcheck.exe" output file to
attach to this message. My `tar' was from cygwin release 1.13.25 and
then I reverted to the previous one (whatever that was). Both tar
versions manifested the same segfault.

I habitually use the old-style options, and have never encountered a
segfault - but I'm using WinXP.

I'm equally as skeptical that this is the root issue. I'm on W2K and no problems here. It could be a CPAN interaction issue too I suppose though. Dunno.

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