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Re: Today's version of pcre:

Brian E. Gallew wrote:

Larry Hall wrote:

Lester Ingber wrote:

I can't start up my cygwin shell due to "cygpcre.dll not found", and I cannot get the older 4.1 version under setup to install the older 4.1 as recommended by Max?

Easy answer:
cd /usr/bin
cp cygpcre-0.dll cygpcre.dll

Arrrgghhh! NO! DON'T do that! NEVER ever EVER suggest "renaming a DLL" as a fix. There is ALWAYS a reason that the maintainer of a package (who undoubtedly knows more than you about the library in question -- otherwise you'd be the maintainer and not him) chose to change the name. Don't undo what s/he, for very good reasons, did.

You would have had no way of knowing the specifics of the pcre upgrade issue at the time you posted your advice, because the "[ANNOUNCEMENT] New PCRE ..." message hadn't been posted yet. But, the 'never suggest renaming a DLL' is, and will be, a good rule of thumb to follow regardless of package.

Concerning PCRE:

Anything that depended on the old cygpcre.dll can get it by installing the new 'libpcre' package. Thanks to recent updates on the servers, setup should figure this out automatically. But there was a time this morning when you could have inadventently broken your system. Sorry for the trouble.


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