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Removing old source packages

Hi folks.

A couple of my cygwinned machines have got huge /usr/src trees because I'm
a bit of an obsessive collector, and at some point in the past decided it
would be really neat to install the sources for every package I install.
(Which is usually all of them -- obsessive collector, see...)

Now pragmatism and a home broadband connection have persuaded me to
deinstall it all, and only get the sources as and when I need them, which
is not often to be honest.

When I run setup though it doesn't give me the option to explicitly remove
sources for each package -- the Src? column for each package just says n/a
and doesn't do anything when I click on it.

This might be a stoopid question, but is there any reason why I shouldn't 
just blow away everything in /usr/src? Do any installers put other things 
in there that are used by applications at runtime? Should I leave the 
directory structure and delete the files or can I just wipe it all?

Sorry if this is a weird thing to ask, I just don't want to accidentally 
remove things that programs have runtime dependencies on.

Just getting back into this whole *nix thing after years in the MS 
wastelands -- it takes a bit of readjustment...

Cheers, and thanks for all your hard work,


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