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Re: LibXML2/LibXSLT testers wanted

On Fri, 6 Jun 2003, Alex Lancaster wrote:

> >>>>> "EM" == Elfyn McBratney writes:
> [...]
> EM> Right, I know I've now a tarnished reputation for having my
> EM> homework=94 ;-) in on time, but I mean it this time..this is
> EM> nearly ready to be released. Tomorrow evening I'll release test
> EM> versions of libxml2 and libxslt (versions 2.5.7 and 1.0.27
> EM> respectively).
> Hi Elfyn,
> Thank you *so* much for trying to bring libxml2/libxslt up to date,
> they were really lagging behind the main release, so you can imagine
> that I was excited to see your request for beta testers.
> Unfortunately I can't report that they work for me out-of-the-box (or
> at all yet).
> I just grabbed the latest setup.exe from and selected the
> new 'experimental" libxml2/libxslt package (the 2.5.7/1.0.27 you
> mention about) and updated them (along with the rest of the updates),
> they install fine, but fail at run-time.
> Specifically, when I attempt to run xsltproc from the Cygwin shell,
> no dice like so:
> $ xsltproc
> I get a dialog box with the following message:
> "Error Starting Program
> The CYGXML2-2.DLL file is linked to missing export CYGWIN1.DLL:_fopen64."

Ooooh dear! I've been playing with Cygwin from CVS (the upcoming 1.5.0) and I've
accidentally built against it. I'll fix this now, expect updated packages to be
on some mirrors in a couple of hours.

BTW, it would seem that my "extensive" testing of LibXSLT/LibXML2 with DocBook
wasn't very extensive, as it fails a very easy conversion (XML->HTML). I'm
working on this now to try and see why it's failing for practically every test I
do with it. Sigh.


Elfyn McBratney (
Systems Administrator /

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