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Configuring Keyboard

I've been working on this one for some time, and it's truly bugging me. 
Does anyone have a document on how to get the keyboard to truly work under
Cygwin.  Here's more info:

I use rxvt, as it's a better terminal.  I frequently use emacs and need
full keyboard support.  I also frequently use ssh to connect to various
other boxes (Linux, AIX and others), where I also use emacs and need full
keyboard support.  I do not run XWindows, nor do I want to (I dislike all
the available window managers and the fact that they all run in a seperate
window, as well as the fact that it's very slow).  I don't really care
what terminal type (xterm, linux, rxvt, vt100, etc.) I use.

Currently I've got things configured to use a terminal type of rxvt and
have gotten a good portion of the keys to work through changes to .inputrc
and keybindings in my .emacs and other called lisp files.  But it's far
from complete.  Several keys don't work correctly (for example F11 and F12
behave like F1 and F2) and several shift/ctrl/alt combinations aren't
recognized either.

I'm no expert on keyboard configuration, but I have tried to scour
everything I could find on the web on this subject, which is how I've
gotten as far as I have.  But it seems to me that someone must have
already fought this battle and have a solution.  It's frustrating to not
have your keyboard behave properly, especially when you work on mixed
environments/computers as I do.

Can anyone offer some help?

William E. Kempf

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