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Re: openssl commandline tools always output in text mode

Hi Corinna,

On Fri, Jun 06, 2003 at 01:29:29PM +0200, Patrick Eisenacher wrote:
Did you try the example I provided in my last posting?

No, I don't have keys and that stuff to test with. What I did was, to examine the source code of OpenSSL.

The OpenSSL tools do open input files generally in binary mode
while writing sometimes in binary mode, sometimes in the "don't
care" mode.

If your input file contains CRLFs, the output file might contain
them untranslated.  Is that possible here?  Are your input files
"infected" with CRLFs?


But I attached you a key, cert and testmail with which you should be able to reproduce the problem.

The command is:
$ openssl smime -decrypt -in testmail.corinna.plain.encrypted -recip corinna.crt -inkey corinna.key -out testit.out

$ cat -A testit.out
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii; format=flowed^M$
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit^M$
test plain^M$

$ od -c testit.out
0000000   C   o   n   t   e   n   t   -   T   y   p   e   :       t   e
0000020   x   t   /   p   l   a   i   n   ;       c   h   a   r   s   e
0000040   t   =   u   s   -   a   s   c   i   i   ;       f   o   r   m
0000060   a   t   =   f   l   o   w   e   d  \r  \n   C   o   n   t   e
0000100   n   t   -   T   r   a   n   s   f   e   r   -   E   n   c   o
0000120   d   i   n   g   :       7   b   i   t  \r  \n  \r  \n   t   e
0000140   s   t       p   l   a   i   n  \r  \n  \r  \n

Please let me know whether you get the same result as I do and whether this helps identifying the culprit.

Thanks, Patrick

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