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Re: 1.3.22: child real uid gets parent's effective uid

On Fri, Jun 06, 2003 at 04:20:43PM -0400, Snively, John P (John) wrote:
> I changed the effective uid of my app's process using seteuid, and printed
> out the real and effective uid's obtained via getuid and geteuid.  No
> surprises, until I tested running a child process via system() and printing
> ITS real and effective uid's.  The effective AND real uid of the child are
> set to the effective uid of the parent -- ouch:
> before changing euid:
> child: euid: 25313 ruid: 25313
> parent: euid: 25313 ruid: 25313
> setting euid to 500
> child: euid: 500 ruid: 500
> parent: euid: 500 ruid: 25313
> Any way around this?

Not easily. The difference between real and effective uid is just plain
fake.  Windows doesn't support that difference, there's just one uid
(better: owner SID) attached to a process.  So each new process begins
its life with euid == ruid.


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