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Re: [] This is all very silly...

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On Sat, Jun 07, 2003 at 10:29:20AM -0700, Ian Johnson wrote:
> you want people to use cygwin or not?

Actually, I don't much care whether you use cygwin or not.

>I have installed the default cygwin setup and am able to use.  However,
>it seems that cygwin does not want to install the man application by

Did you look at the cygwin web site?

"Note also that, by default, setup.exe does not install everything.  Only
the base cygwin distribution is installed by default.  When running
setup.exe, clicking on categories and packages in the package
installation screen will provide you with the ability to control what is
installed or updated.  For instance, clicking on the "Default" field
next to the "All" category will provide you with the opportunity to
install every Cygwin package.  Be advised that this will download and
install hundreds of megabytes to your computer.  The best plan is
probably to click on individual categories and install either entire
categories or packages from the categories themselves."

>So off I go looking for the sources to compile and lo and behold I find
>a link ( ) to what I think should be the
>source for the man package and what do I get:

You are either confused about the term "source code" or you are unable to
determine what "source code" is.  This *is* the listing for the source

>    man: Man, apropos and whatis (source code)
>    Mon Dec 16 17:16:05 2002          17982 man-1.5j-2/COPYING
>    Mon Dec 16 17:16:05 2002            807 man-1.5j-2/HISTORY
>    Mon Dec 16 17:16:05 2002           2861 man-1.5j-2/INSTALL
>    Mon Dec 16 17:16:05 2002            990 man-1.5j-2/LSM
>    Mon Dec 16 17:16:06 2002           2357 man-1.5j-2/Makefile
>    Mon Dec 16 17:16:05 2002           2365 man-1.5j-2/

>BUT KNOW SOURCE CODE.  What is up with that?

You don't know what the term "source code" means?

>So, how do I get this source code so that I can get a usable man

Calm down.  Most people just use setup, click on "Doc" and install man.
If they can't figure out how to do that, they read the cygwin web site,
follow the links and send polite email to the appropriate mailing list.

>An don't tell me this is my issue.

This is very much your issue.  Your ignorance is forgivable but your
inability to figure out where to send email and then sending email to
*postmaster* of all places, clearly shows that this is your issue.

>It is not!Should I speak badly about cygwin or will I get HELP?I

Go ahead and speak however you want.

>Now I know this is not your issue


>as the postmaster but given all I had to read,

No one gave you postmaster.  You came up with that all on your own.

>and still not able to find an appropriate list,

That is, again, your problem.  Links to the mailing list are clearly
marked at the web site.

>you must please excuse me.

I will not excuse you.  This kind of rudeness is uncalled for,
especially when it comes from someone so completely clueless.  Of
course, I guess rudeness and cluelessness often go hand in hand.

>It seems that those who want appropriate questions asked have not given
>an appropriate method nor a simple way of accessing information.

Wow.  It's not every day that we get email from someone who has so
clearly missed the boat.

>Shame...bad for cygwin.

Uh huh.

I have redirected this message to the appropriate mailing list.  I would
suggest that you go back to the cygwin web page and avail yourself of
the wealth of information that you have ignored before sending any
further questions to the cygwin mailing list.  And, if you want further
"help", you would be well advised to check your attitude at the door.


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