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RE: Weird top bug?

> I've stumbled across some peculiar behaviour for top.  I've got
> the following
> script (vping) that I use to keep a VPN connection alive:
> 	#!/bin/sh
> 		while true;
> 		do
> 			ping -n 1 remoteMachine >/dev/null
> 			sleep 60
> 		done
> I typically run this as a background task (vping &), then telnet to
> remoteMachine.
> Now when I quit telnet, then exit the shell (vping was run from),
> the shell
> stays around.  My script has a stdout handle, I suppose.  That's OK, I can
> close the window with the mouse, and then vping dies.  Seems
> normal.  But if I
> leave the shell open after typing exit, then run top in another shell, it
> clears the screen, shows exactly one line of output (in this
> specific case):
> 	 15:23:03 up  8:00,  2 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
> and locks up.  Control C does not regain shell control.
> If I open another shell and use ps to find the process number for
> top, I can
> kill it (kill pid, no explicit signal type).
> It doesn't seem to me that my specific script should have
> anything to do with
> how top is behaving, but I supose it is possible.  Seems more like top is
> having trouble because the parent process of my script is no longer valid.
> Maybe the parent process is gone, but top uses a windows thing to
> enumerate
> processes, and the open shell still has an entry in that list?

I can't reproduce this. Can you try something like strace top >somefile
2>&1? Then take the steps you outlined above to get top to lock up and send
me the last few thousand lines of the file? (to personal e-mail)


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