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undefined reference to '_...

Hi folks,

I'm trying to port a collection of unix applications to cygwin, and in doing
so, I'm having a hard time to get the stuff to link.
It's a bunch of fortran and c sources, that call each other wildly. some
mains are in c, some mains are in fortran.

Compiling and archiving everything works like a charm,

When I'm trying to link the first executable (main in c) against the
libraries I have created, I get tons of undefined reference complaints, all
starting with '_', and all are non-system symbols.
I've confirmed by running nm on the libraries in question, that the missing
symbols are actually in the library.

The linker command is :
gcc -ofoo foomain.o -L../lib -lfoo1 -lfoo2 -lg2c -lc -lgsl -lm

Do I have to do something special to a libraries after archival of object
files, before I can link against it?

I'm probably doing something very stupid.
But since my head is already hurting from banging it against the concrete
wall for a while, I'd rather ask.

anybody any clues?


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