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Re: exim - failed to read delivery status

At 03:41 AM 6/9/2003 +0400, CoolCold wrote:
>Hello cygwin,
>I've just installed cygwin(CYGWIN_NT-5.2 workstation 1.3.22(0.78/3/2))
>Trying to use exim but have such errors:
>2003-06-09 03:32:58 HG6S2Y-00029S-OQ <= H=(
[] P=esmtp S=680
>2003-06-09 03:32:59 HG6S2Y-00029S-OQ unable to set gid=513 or uid=1003
(euid=18): local delivery to coolcold <>
>2003-06-09 03:32:59 HG6S2Y-00029S-OQ failed to read delivery status for from delivery subprocess
>2003-06-09 03:32:59 HG6S2Y-00029S-OQ appendfile transport process returned
non-zero status 0x0100: exit code 1
>2003-06-09 03:32:59 HG6S2Y-00029S-OQ ==
R=localuser T=local_delivery defer (-1)
>2003-06-09 03:32:59 HG6S2Y-00029S-OQ Frozen
>Can't get what the trouble is?As I thing this is something about
>changing process' owner,but I'm not sure
>exim is run as service with cygrunsrv (as exim-config do it)

That's strange
You mean, exim-config started the service?
Can you telnet and/or ssh into the box?

If so, edit /etc/passwd, clear the SYSTEM password, add a shell
and a home directory (/). 
Stop the exim service
Telnet to localhost and login as SYSTEM.

While logged as SYSTEM, type exim -c and send me the output.
Next step would be, type
strace -o trace exim-4.20-1.exe -bd
send a single message to,
then kill exim and send me the trace file. It will be long.


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