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Re: exim - failed to read delivery status

At 06:52 AM 6/9/2003 +0400, CoolCold wrote:

Hello CoolCold 

>>>PAH> Can you telnet and/or ssh into the box?
>>>sshd works
>PAH> What about telnet (inetd)?

How do you know sshd works?
Can you telnet into the box as a normal user?

>PAH> Edit the /etc/passwd file. The second field is the password. 

>SYSTEM::18:544:,S-1-5-18:/:/bin/bash        is it ok?


>PAH> Then telnet localhost. 
>PAH> You should not have to provide a password for SYSTEM
>it says :
>Login incorrect
>login: system
>Switching to user system failed!

This starts well. login recognizes that SYSTEM exists and 
has no password.
The error comes from these lines in login.c

        if (seteuid(pwd->pw_uid)) {
		printf("Switching to user %s failed!\n", username);

So telnetd has the same problem as exim, it can't setuid, even
though in this case the setuid should be a noop. 

There is something wrong with your installation.
What version of Windows do you have? 
Does "ps -a" show that inetd has uid 18?
Does uid 18 appear several times in /etc/passwd ?

>ssh doesn't accept connection to,but AllowRootLogin=yes,and

Same problem, probably. 

>In windows' event log I can see:
>Event Type:     Success Audit
>Event Source:   Security
>Event Category: Privilege Use 
>Event ID:       576
>Date:           6/9/2003
>Time:           6:46:18 AM
>User:           WORKSTATION\coolcold
>Computer:       WORKSTATION
>Special privileges assigned to new logon:
>        User Name:      coolcold
>        Domain:         WORKSTATION
>        Logon ID:               (0x0,0x6526FC)
>        Privileges:     SeChangeNotifyPrivilege
>                        SeBackupPrivilege
>                        SeRestorePrivilege
>                        SeDebugPrivilege

That looks normal and not related to the problem.
Wait. What happened at 6:46 am? Did you login at the console
or did you do something else?
Is there anything in the application log?
Is there anything interesting in /var/log/xxx.log ?

Pierre (who sees it's 11:30 PM)

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