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Re: PostgreSQL 7.3.2 restart issue

Larry Hall wrote:

Ken Dibble wrote:

Larry Hall wrote:

Ken Dibble wrote:

It appears I've isolated the problem.
I downloaded and installed 1.13 of the ipc-daemon.
I am aware that this daemon has another issue, but if fixes my problem.
Possibly when the XP Fast-Switch problem was fixed, another was introduced.
Should I report this elsewhere as well?

No, here is the proper place. Post the details and the information
recommended at <>.

I thought that I had in the original post. What did I miss?

OK, I've reread the thread again. You have posted the details in your original message. Any chance you could verify whether Fast-Switch problem is the cause of the issue you see? Perhaps just the results of strace may provide some insight too.

Jason Tischler wrote:

PostgreSQL 7.3.2-1 may have been built against an older cygipc, please try the latest version, PostgreSQL 7.3.3-1. Does it work any better for you?


I won't even pretend to know how to use strace.
The problem appears to be related to a mismatch between cygipc versions and Postgresql versions.

Here is what I believe to be accurate:
Postgresql 7.3.2-1 works with cygipc 1.13 with the caveat of the Fast-Switch problem
Postgresql works with cygipc 1.14 with the caveat that it can only be started once per WindowsOS boot.
Postgresql 7.3.3-1 appears to work correctly with cygipc 1.14.

I don't know if this is true for other OS types/versions.
I only know it is true for my machine (with the results of cygcheck in the original post).

Thanks to both Larry Hall and Jason Tischler for getting me straightened out.

Ken Dibble

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