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Question regarding setup, upset and post install scripts


I am running cygwin at work and at home. As I need to "customize" cygwin for
each environment (i.e., one for work, one for home)
I found a way to build "custom" packages, that I would like to integrate
into my setup.

Such customizations include:

- For ** my ** environments - remove the space in the "passwd" files for a
user name (I have posted messages on this list in the past regarding a more
primitive version)
- Adding Win32 CPAN support to perl (I have posted messages on this list in
the past regarding patches)
- I ** NEEDED ** a "-u" flag to jar (the cygwin versions says it is
unsupported), so build a "wrapper" script to a "Windows" version (uses
cygpath to do cygwin/Windows file name conversions) etc.

To integrate these into my setup, I found information on this list regarding
"upset", setup.hints etc.

I have somewhat successfully got the setup.ini file working.

However, my postinstall script is malfunctioning and I am trying to figure
out how to debug it. When I run it ** AFTER ** cygwin has installed (not
using my integration) the script works fine.

How can I capture the output to a log file (via the setup) mechanism? I
found these messages, but they haven't helped me too much. Any ideas?

Alan Miles
ICQ#: 171006836
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