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Re: Vim and the navigating with arrow keys

Well Randy, you were partially right (you may indeed be fully right, and me
"fully" wrong). I had set up my profile ages ago when my cygwin know-how
was much less than the little I know now. So somehow I ended up with
TERM=rxvt. I changed it to TERM=cygwin and indeed, the arrow keys are back.
However, I do take issue with your "practically flawless" line - for I
still have the need to do CTRL-L refreshes with small files. Example:

Simple text file with the following text:

cygrunsrv -E cron

Open in Vim, and do nothing but touch the L (lower case of course) key and
navigate to the end of the line. The following text is the result:

ccygrunsrv -E cro

Of course a simple CTRL-L (lower case L) fixes this.

I get the same result with the arrow keys.

This is nothing new to me, and I've been living with it as long as I've used
cygwin and vim together.
The behavior occurs when navigating the first few lines of a large file, or
any line of a file small enough to fit completely on the screen.

None of this is crippling and if there is some setting I can change to correct
it, it would be "nice".

I thank you sir for pointing out my incorrect TERM setting. Since I'm not
qualified to give you a gold star, I'll simply pledge my "support" give you
my promise
to cast a ballot for you if a "gold star" referendum were ever held. ( hmmm, I
can't remember if I'm registered to vote! )

Brian Kelly

"Randall R Schulz" <> on 06/10/2003 09:41:59 AM

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cc:     (bcc: Brian Kelly/WTC1/Empire)

Subject:    Re: Vim and the navigating with arrow keys


At 06:27 2003-06-10, wrote:
>"True Vim'ers DO NOT navigate with arrow keys". I remember reading
>that somewhere. Certainly the "correct" way to navigate in Vim is with
>the  H  J  K  and  L  keys. Understood, acknowledged, yaddy yadda
>yaaa. That said - I "like" to use the arrow keys. It's habitual and
>something I've been doing for years and years. And like most folks, I
>"resist" change. Therefore, I'm a little "disturbed" that the latest
>Vim appears to have completely disabled the arrow keys for navigation,
>or even for mapping.

You are mistaken. Arrow keys are working fine in:

   VIM - Vi IMproved 6.2 (2003 Jun 1, compiled Jun  1 2003 19:49:13)

If arrow keys are not functioning for you in Vim, the problem is not
Vim itself.

>Is this a "planned" and permanent new condition?? The previous
>version  6.1-300 still has arrow keys enabled, but 6.2-1 does not - or
>so it appears. Now I do note, the navigating appears much more precise
>and improved with 6.2-1, no more having to do CTRL-L's to refresh the
>screen after navigating small text files. (Which was a bother). I
>don't use RXVT, but bash in a cmd shell.

What TERM setting are you using? I have always found Vim to be
virtually flawless in screen maintenance with TERM=cygwin under the
Cygwin console-based terminal emulation.

>I'm a minimalist at heart and try to use native and ubiquitous
>utilities to the greatest extent possible - which is why I long ago
>chose Vi as my primary editor. Because it's "everywhere", especially
>in UNIX, I'm never without "my" editor. Anyhow, I'd just to like to
>know if anyone else has noticed this, cares, or knows something about
>it. I can of course live without arrows, but I'd rather not if I don't
have to.

We're all deeply caring people here, even if a bit mean.

Randall Schulz

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