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Re: Vim and the navigating with arrow keys

KUDOS - I had the following setting in the registry:

      /usr/bin/inetd.exe      REG_SZ      binmode tty ntsec

Took out the tty and suddenly Vim works the way "one would normally expect"
it to.

Of course the above settings were "standard fare" for inetd installs
according to setup
instructions circa 2000-2001. They may still be - I don't know, haven't
looked. Anyhow,
do you know offhand if there is still any compelling reason to have tty in
the Cygwin
environment variable?

Thanks again.

Brian Kelly

( You're level of "meanness" gets only a 2 out of 10 - DISAPPOINTING!! I
expect more!! )

"Randall R Schulz" <> on 06/10/2003 10:44:41 AM

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cc:     (bcc: Brian Kelly/WTC1/Empire)

Subject:    Re: Vim and the navigating with arrow keys


At 07:25 2003-06-10, wrote:

>However, I do take issue with your "practically flawless" line - for I
>still have the need to do CTRL-L refreshes with small files. Example:
>Simple text file with the following text:
>cygrunsrv -E cron
>Open in Vim, and do nothing but touch the L (lower case of course) key and
>navigate to the end of the line. The following text is the result:
>ccygrunsrv -E cro

Again, I cannot recreate this symptom.

How up-to-date are your other Cygwin packages? There have been termcap
and terminfo updates in the past several weeks. Did you install them?
Have you looked at you ~/.vimrc file lately to see if there's anything
odd there? Perhaps clearing your ~/.viminfo would help? Do you use the
"tty" option in your CYGWIN environment variable? I don't, so that
could conceivably be a source of the dissimilarity between Vim's
behavior on our respective systems.

>Of course a simple CTRL-L (lower case L) fixes this.
>I get the same result with the arrow keys.
>This is nothing new to me, and I've been living with it as long as
>I've used cygwin and vim together. The behavior occurs when navigating
>the first few lines of a large file, or any line of a file small
>enough to fit completely on the screen.

There is no reason you should have to endure this misbehavior.

>None of this is crippling and if there is some setting I can change to
>correct it, it would be "nice".

I surely would not put up with it.

>I thank you sir for pointing out my incorrect TERM setting. Since I'm
>not qualified to give you a gold star, I'll simply pledge my "support"
>give you my promise to cast a ballot for you if a "gold star"
>referendum were ever held. ( hmmm, I can't remember if I'm registered
>to vote! )
>Brian Kelly

Randall Schulz

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