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Re: Vim and the navigating with arrow keys

You are right. The tty is not the problem. Turns out Randy was completely
correct in that the
problem was with the TERM setting. I just put it back to rxvt and the
problem came back. Took
it out - problem went away. All the while tty is set in the Registry. So it
does seem that the TERM
setting is the determiner. I must be losing it - I "thought" I had closed
all open cmd windows and
opened a new one after updating the .profile - but - alas - that probably
is not what actually

Brian Kelly

"Shankar Unni" <> on 06/10/2003 01:43:16

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Subject:    Re: Vim and the navigating with arrow keys wrote:

> KUDOS - I had the following setting in the registry:
>       /usr/bin/inetd.exe      REG_SZ      binmode tty ntsec

I don't know that that's the culprit - I just set CYGWIN=tty and
TERM=cygwin, and started a fresh bash from a cmd shell, and vim worked
fine with your example.

(Of course, it did show that other problem discussed around here, in
that after I exited vim, bash was left in a no-echo mode..)

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