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Re: non network install

As I mentioned earlier I was trying to help a friend without a network 
connection install it . But now I just want to know how it can be done
as I was trying to make a Cygwin CD so that he could use it to install
both binaries and sources when he pleases. With a fair bit of
inconvienence (as neither of us have a car) , we finally got his computer 
to my place and installed it over the network. I did not have a windows 
OS on my own computer to be able to run setup and did not trust wine.

Now let me give you a stronger reason why I think distributing software
ONLY by network installs is a very bad idea. If you were a average
working man in almost any other country other than america then as you
may check for your self a high speed internet would be quite a pinch on
your monthly salary. To many it would not even be affordable. So if you
think about this a while, making network install the only option is in 
very bad taste. I mention this since you specifically asked . Now if you do 
see my point is sincere and a valid one, you should be wondering why is
there so little documentation on the cygwin site on how to do this or
why is it almost impossible to find a reasonably priced CD rom
distribution being sold by anyone ?. What kind of a marketing strategy do
you think RedHat had here when they specifically took over cygwin from
the earstwhile Cygnus solutions?

If  anyone does know of such a CD Rom distribution of the Cywin
product family (both source and binary) I would very happly buy one so
that I could help many more people install it on their computers, in
future, with greater ease. In the absence of such an alternative I was
looking for how to build a CD Rom distribution myself but found hardly
any information!!


On Tue, Jun 10, 2003 at 07:41:18PM +0200, Andrew Markebo wrote:
> / B Thomas <> wrote:
> | Hi,
> | I would be gratefull if you could help with the following problem:
> | [...]
> | So I mirrored a cygwin ftp archive and burned them onto a CD. However when
> | I try to install  from the CD I get the following two errors many, many
> | times when the post-install scripts are running.
> Any special reason mirroring it over ftp (it sounds like that),
> instead of letting setup download the packages and put it as it wants
> them?
>         /Andy

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