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RE: latest version of vi messes up bash for me

Igor Pechtchanski [] wrote:

> The bash man page says
>    An interactive shell is one started without  non-option  
>    arguments and without the -c option whose standard input 
>    and output are both connected to terminals (as determined 
>    by isatty(3)), or one started  with the -i option.

And that's exactly how I start it.

  C:\> env CYGWIN=tty bash

However, I now see that the effects of this are odd, at best. Sometimes,
when I start it this way, the *first* command I type is echoed properly, but
the second and subsequent ones are not echoed. And some other times, it
comes up from the start as noecho.

But then again:

  C:\> set CYGWIN=tty
  C:\> bash

This works flawlessly. Commands always echo, and I can start and exit vim to
my heart's content. Actually, this seems to point out that vim is likely
*NOT* the culprit, and that it's a bash weirdness of some sort when it's
passed CYGWIN=tty in the envp[] only (and not in the system environment). 

Is some part of the runtime initializing itself from the system environment,
while others look at envp[], perhaps?


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