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port query: any "fping"? & cygwin headers


Hello all. Has anyone ever ported the network tool "fping" to cygwin? I
came across some Google results that seemed to be viable but it appears
not (I don't have the complete URL I checked, but it was a site that
showed a dir listing under a software project named "mon". maybe some of
you know what "mon" is). Anyway, the version of fping found was very
old (2.2b1).

The source rpm from the above referenced (kind of) site was an rpm and
right there it doesn't seem to be a cygwin port. But the url did seem to
include "cygwin". Anyway I extracted the sources from the rpm file and
tried to configure and build. I get a bunch of undefined symbols, like


where a lot of things follow "ICMP_". I checked headers and looked for
any such defines in any header mentioned, found none. I did find that
there's a header


that is an empty file. Is this a TODO for Cygwin? Another header under
netinet/, "/usr/include/netinet/ip_icmp.h", just #include's this empty
file. The fact that another header does this with an *empty* file seems
decidedly bizarre to me.

I'd like to have fping ported to cygwin. I have written a tool that
finds the best CPAN mirrors for Perl users/admins to connect to,
systematically, and that script calls the external program fping. it's
working great on Debian but cannot on cygwin, where fping isn't


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