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Re: colons with rsync

On 11 Jun 2003, Ben Smith wrote:

> Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > Windows filenames cannot contain ':', so there is no way around this
> > limitation in Cygwin, since it uses Windows filenames.
> Igor,
> So does this mean that Cygwin doesn't do any file munging?  Is this
> something that applications are normally left to deal with?
> I found this post that mentions how samba deals with similar problems:
> I know that cygwin can't just write a file called c:\foo:bar.txt but
> shouldn't there be some sort of translation to be able to deal with this
> situation, or is it contrary to the design philosophy of cygwin in some
> way?
> -Ben


Please make sure your mailer doesn't ignore Reply-To: (which I did set).

As for having a filename encoding for Cygwin, this issue has been
discussed on this list in the past (last year, IIRC).  Many variants have
been suggested, including RFC 1738 encoding.  People were generally
opposed to this sort of change, mostly because these files would then
become non-transparent with respect to Windows tools (e.g. explorer).  You
might wish to review those threads.  In fact,
<> might be relevant to
your problem...
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