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Re: Processes are unable to fully discard their controlling terminal

works like a champ.. thanks for the pointer.  you've
never tried to get cygwin to use pageant have you (or
anybody)?? pageant = putty's ssh agent
--- Max Bowsher <> wrote:
> Some time ago I (Max Bowsher) wrote:
> > I can now successfully share an ssh-agent between
> all
> > my shells, with it
> > starting with the first one, and ending with the
> last,
> > and no zombie windows
> > if I end shells in the wrong order.
> Matt wrote:
> > I would like ssh-agent to function like you say it
> is
> > for you... but i can't understand what you did
> besides
> > obtain the latest versions which i should have.. 
> what
> > else do i need to do?
> Some shell scripting.
> Attached are the shell scripts I *source* from my
> .bash_profile and
> .bash_logout.
> It's not a perfect system (if a shell is killed in
> such a way that
> .bash_logout doesn't execute, an agent process can
> remain), but it seems to
> work well for the most part.
> Max.

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