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Re: telnet connect bug

On Thu, Jun 12, 2003 at 09:48:23AM +0200, N?meth M?rton wrote:
> Hi!
> Here is a telnet test using NetCat as server and telnet connecting to
> localhost. When the telnet uses the default telnet(23) port then as telnet
> connects some rubbish is sent to the server (case 1). When specifing

That's not rubbish even though it looks like.  It's data send to the server
in a phase called "option negotiation".  If you start a telnet on another
system (e.g. Linux) to connect to your nc server, you'll see the same.
It's triggered by either having no port given or if the port begins with
a dash.

> explicitly for telnet to connect to port 23, then telnet works fine
> (case 2). When using MS telnet, that works fine too (case 3, 4).

Hehe, no.  MS telnet doesn't send the option negotiaton since it just
don't know about it.

> Is this a win98SE specific bug, or a telnet bug?

Neither, nor.


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