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Re: Setup hangs between "create icons" and "postinstall" und

Will Marsh wrote:
> I downloaded the latest version of Setup (2.340.2.5) and have tried
> to
> install it several times under Win ME 4.90.3000.  It always hangs at
> the same point, right after "Create Icons", with the following
> message
> in a DOS window:  "This program has performed an illegal
> operation and
> will be terminated.  Quit all programs and then restart your
> computer."  If I click on the "Details" box, all it gives me is "Fault
> Location :   C000.0D66"    Restarting windows at this point and
> trying
> to run Cygwin gives the same message with a different "Fault
> Location
>:   C000.7A00"
> At this point, if I check C:\cygwin\etc\postinstall, all the files
> have .sh at the end, none have the .done.  C:\cygwin\var\log doesn't
> exist.
> I've tried the default install, the ALL install,  and the default + a
> few packages.  Same results for all of them.  I've tried running setup
> again over the top, same results.  I've tried deleting the whole thing
> (directories, registry entries, Setup) and starting over, same
> results.
> Any ideas or other things I should check?

I guess you have checked that your Windows ME has all the latest service
packs and/or patches applied?  Don't know if this will help, but it may
be worth a shot.

Peter S Tillier
"Who needs perl when you can write dc, sokoban,
arkanoid and an unlambda interpreter in sed?"

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