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Problems with Apache and phpPgAdmin

Dear Stipe Tolj,

At the following address:
you have the php-4.0.5 module to be downloaded.

Have you the php-4.3.2 module to be downloaded or the Apache 2.0.46 binary
with the PHP4 compiled with the "--with-pgsql" to work with

I'm sorry but I think you are the one can help me with my trouble:

Ive downloaded the Apache for Windows "apache_2.0.46-win32-x86-no_src.msi"
and it's works fine.
I've downloaded the Cygwin "Cygwin_1.3.22-1_setup.exe" and installed it at
my WinME system.
I've downloaded and installed the "cygipc_1.14-1". The PostgreSQL 7.3.3 is
working fine. I can create database and edit them (via the Cygwin Bash
When I try to login at the phpPgAdmin "phpPgAdmin-3.0-rc-1" via localhost it
returns me an error message: "You have not compiled proper database support
into your PHP installation."

At Apache documentation (Details of installing PHP with Apache on Unix) I
wrote that compilling PHP for apache must have the "--with-pgsql" and then,
 a "" shared library will be created and the Apache will access it
 using the LoadModule at "httpd.conf" file.

 I have no tools to compile Apache. I need this file ( to use
 Do you know how can I obtain it?
 Can you help me?

1) I've been edited edit the "phppgadmin/conf/" file properly
 and changed the following line to:
$conf['servers'][0]['host'] = 'localhost';

2) Via pgAdminII v1.5.60( I can
access the PostgreSQL normally.

3) I've installed the "psqlodbc-07_03_0100.msi" for Windows and it's working
fine too.

4) The strange thing is that I've crated the test file
"index.php"(<?phpinfo()?>) and it works. The problem only appears when I try
to login at phpPgAdmin.

Thank you for your support!

Márcio Ferreira

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