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Re: The other side of bell-style

On Fri, 13 Jun 2003, Michael T. Davis wrote:

>         Looking through the archives and searching the 'net, it looks like
> most people want to disable the bell in CYGWIN.  In my case, I find the
> bell coming through my PC's speaker annoying, but only because it's not
> coming out of my audio card.  I would prefer to be able to have the beep
> passed through my audio card and, ideally, allow the selection of what
> sound file (e.g. .WAV) would be played.  ...Possible?
> Thanks,
> Mike


In more recent versions of Cygwin (not sure exactly which, but at least 2
releases or more) the bell is generated using the Windows default beep
(through the audio card if available).  I don't think there's a separate
setting for the Cygwin beep vs. the Windows default one, though.
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