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Re: Swapping CTRL & CAPS

On Fri, 13 Jun 2003, Scott W Brim wrote:

> On Fri, Jun 13, 2003 12:39:00PM -0400, Igor Pechtchanski allegedly wrote:
> > Note that neither the question nor the answer have anything to do with
> > Cygwin.
> What do you think he should have done?  He didn't know where the
> solution might be for the cygwin environment.  The only change I think
> would have been reasonable to ask for would be taking it to
> cygwin-xfree.  Give people a break.

What Cygwin environment?  He said he ran xemacs -- there is no xemacs
package under Cygwin.

However, I can see the above has been misread.  What I wanted to point out
was that the above is the solution for a pure Windows program using pure
Windows means, so that people searching the archives don't get confused
that Cygwin can do that.

A number of useful Windows hints (even though off-topic) have been posted
on this list, and the above was one of them.
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