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Re: mkpasswd usage in

Robb, Sam wrote:

I've noticed an odd behavior from mkpasswd (as run from
the postinstall script when installing

I've been testing the command-line options from the
CVS head, so I've done this a couple of times.  For
these tests, I'm logged in and installing as a domain

In a clean install, the postinstall script
runs the command:

/bin/mkpasswd -l -c > /etc/passwd

This generates a password file that an entry that looks like:


Note the home directory is '/cygdrive/c'.  The home
directories for the local accounts are as expected,
ex. '/home/administrator', etc.

If I run "/bin/mkpasswd -l -c -p /home" from the command
line, I get an entry with the expected home dir set:


Is there any reason why shouldn't or
couldn't be modified to specify the '-p /home' option?

It could be modified to do this.  However, I think one
could make an argument that this change would result in
"unexpected" home directories for others who want their
home directory to be dictated by their Windows account
information.  But maybe not.

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