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RE: Native Microsoft Telnet Client Blows Past the Password Prompt

uhhh - that's "MR CHRIST" to you sir. Yes OF COURSE I telnet to my
servers. I do so inside a secure network from desktops that are locked
down tighter than gold in Swiss Banks. Since I don't have every little
thing browser enabled on my servers, and IT has not seen fit to
distribute Putty to every desktop, just how pray tell do you suggest I
get to them from the CEO's secretary's desktop????????? Heck I can't
even use "run" at the start menu to start telnet - they have that
disabled as well. I have to start a cmd window and do it from there. Not
of all us work for Red Hat or live off of university grants or own our
own software firm. Some of us have to take orders from folks who know a
heck of a lot less technically than we do, and who are five times more
paranoid about letting employees even use the calculator bundled with
Windows. My use of "Cygwin" itself on corporate servers is "unofficial"
and "unsupported" and exists only with wink and nod approval by managers
who will disavow all knowledge if ever asked by the wrong people. But in
this "brave new economy" new software budgets are becoming smaller than
the price of a Happy Meal at McDonald's. So the managers in the know are
secretly VERY thankful for software like cygwin that with a little
ingenuity and resourcefulness can do the job that otherwise would
require ten's or even hundred's of thousands of dollars spent on third
party software - with all the attendant license's, maintenance, etc etc
etc. In fact some sanctioned software is being discreetly discarded for
open source because no can find $10,000 for a maintenance renewal.

Yes - it's 2003 my friend - but try explaining that to a "technical
lead" who interrupts you mid-sentence and asks you with child-like

	What's ping??

Anyway - thank's for the advice, I'll play with it and see if I get the
desired result.


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Sent: Saturday, June 14, 2003 6:49 PM
Subject: Re: Native Microsoft Telnet Client Blows Past the Password

* (2003-06-14 12:26 +0200)
> I've looked through the archives and have not seen a write-up on this.
> have the very latest cygwin everything installed on an MS 2000 Server.
> TERM=cygwin  is set in the profile. Running the telnetd daemon with
> inetutils. I have absolutely no problems connecting to this service
> any client program except the native one that comes with every copy of
> 2000. The native one that comes with every earlier copy of MS Windows
- 95,
> 98, NT4 works just fine. When I use the Native MS 2000 telnet I get
> following output:
> [...]
> Essentially, it just blows right past the password prompt without
pausing -
> apparently taking null as the password. This renders the MS 2000
> client completely useless for direct telneting. For most I imagine
this not
> a problem or even annoyance because probably just about every other
> in existance works just fine. The problem for me, is that I work for a
> large organization, and I like the flexibility of being able to plop
> at desktop anywhere - more than 5000 desktops - and telnet to any of
> servers I manage and run scripts, do diagnosis, etc.

Jesus, it's 2003 and you're telnetting into your servers...

> Are these known problems, or am I missing something "REALLY" simple
> Is there something I can change to fix this?

unset ntlm

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