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RE: Problem Running Apache through Cygwin

Hi Gerrit,

I have re-installed Cygwin because I wanted to start developing some web
apps and apache is the best choice for me.  Apache isn't giving me this
error anymore:

cygrunsrv: Error starting a service: QueryServiceStatus:  Win32 error 1062:
The service has not been started.

Instead it just does nothing, but I still can't connect to

I will attach the files you requested, hopefully you can see something I
don't.   I also checked the error.log and it's giving me a new error, I
searched the mailing list archives but could find nothing pertaining to

[Sun Jun 15 22:07:03 2003] [notice] Apache/1.3.24 (Cygwin) configured --
resuming normal operations
[Sun Jun 15 22:07:03 2003] [notice] Accept mutex: pthread (Default: pthread)
[Sun Jun 15 22:07:03 2003] [alert] Child 1448 returned a Fatal error...
Apache is exiting!
[Sun Jun 15 22:07:03 2003] [alert] (22)Invalid argument: setuid: unable to
change to uid: 65535

I am running Cygwin via:

cygrunsrv -I httpd -p /usr/sbin/httpd -d "CYGWIN httpd" -a '-k' -e
"CYGWIN=binmode ntsec"
cygrunsrv -S httpd



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> Subject: Re: Problem Running Apache through Cygwin
> Hallo Sergio,
> It should run.
> Can you send your httpd.conf (as attachment), please?
> And your /var/log/apache/error.log & access.log too?
> Gerrit
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