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RE: Bash 2.05 not reading my ~/.bashrc


At 07:52 2003-06-16, Schulze, Dean wrote:

I checked the mail archives for this problem before posting but found
nothing of any help.  A search engine that uses boolean logic (or something
like Google) would help a lot.

Use the domain-restricted Google search feature at (<>) to search the Cygwin mail archives. You can get this capability while skipping the advanced search page by using this syntax in a simple Google search: "".

I solved this problem by putting ". .bashrc" at the end of the /etc/profile.

My experience with Cygwin is that it is very unstable.  Every new release
introduces new bugs.  How about getting to a stable version and keeping it
available instead of making everyone download the latest build?

Your experience is not shared.

Cygwin is very large and its components are not really part of a unified whole (that being a kind of illusion presented by the installer). Those pacakges maintained by a disparate group of volunteers and considering all the factors, are of very high quality generally. Furthermore, the changes visible to end users of Cygwin often reflect incorporation of upstream changes produced by the core developers of the various open source projects that Cygwin incorporates. Not to keep up with these would mean forever falling behind the current state of development of those programs.

Randall Schulz

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