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Re: changing bash window title

At 07:54 2003-06-17, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
On Tue, 17 Jun 2003, Sanjay Goel wrote:

> Hi,
> the bash window has title Cygwin by default .. whenever I do a telnet or
> lynx .. it changes the title .. how do I restore it again or change it to
> something custom ..
> Sanjay


The default .bashrc has a commented out function "settitle()".  Just
uncomment that line, restart bash, and you'll be able to run "settitle
Your Title" (no quotes necessary).  The function works for the console
window, xterm, and rxvt.

If your .bashrc doesn't have that function, look in /etc/skel/.bashrc, or
search this list for "settitle".  Note the control characters.



Where do the contents of /etc/skel originate? I install everything available via Setup.exe, and my /etc/skel contains only ".bash_profile" which contains only this:

# ~/.bash_profile: executed by bash for login shells.

if [ -e /etc/bash.bashrc ] ; then
  source /etc/bash.bashrc

if [ -e ~/.bashrc ] ; then
  source ~/.bashrc

/etc/bash.bashrc contains only a comment and two blank lines.

Randall Schulz

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