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Re: libiconv package must be recompiled

Sam Steingold wrote:

I'm sorry, but while I have no objection to rebuilding the package per
se, I need more than "stir in this magic powder and it works!" before
I'm entirely comfortable with this.

as <> explains,
the apparent problem is that EILSEQ was conflated with ENOENT.

I.e., both were defined to be the same number, which caused CLISP to
barf on innocuous errors.

Ok, I misunderstood the original report -- I thought the problem was *solely* a cygwin kernel error. But, because EILSEQ/ENOENT are #defines, even after cygwin gets fixed, the compiled libiconv stays broken. libiconv was returning an EILSEQ error -- but because cygwin *at the time libiconv was compiled* defined EILSEQ == ENOENT, clisp was getting confused. So by recompiling libiconv against a newer cygwin that correctly defines EILSEQ, libiconv will return the correct error code and clisp will stop being confused.

Got it.

Look for a new release of libiconv soon.


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