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Re: Mozilla vis-à-vis Cygwin

Larry Hall wrote:
> Michael F. March wrote:
>> I posted the same thing last month and no one seems to care.
> Define 'care'.  I personally find this interesting.  However, I
> felt no burning need to share my sentiments on the subject with
> the list (previously).  If you were expecting a deluge of email
> in response to your posting, that just goes to show you that others
> won't always respond the way you expect.  I took your posting as
> FYI, which in and of itself a good thing.  If you're trying to
> encourage further (vocal) interest in this, perhaps you should
> try announcing your intent to build and package such a beast.

I apologize for the negative tone in my last post..

Anyway.. I guess what I expected from my May 10th "FYI" was at least
a private email or two from people who would be interested on working
such a project. From now on I will try to be more clear.


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