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RE: CYGWIN NTsec permissions over inet - cannot see SMB drives with SSH login


If you have seen my messages on the Cygwin list, you should have noticed
that the Reply-To field on all of them is set to the Cygwin list.  In
fact, the Cygwin list is the preferred method for getting Cygwin help and
information, as opposed to sending e-mail to individual contributors.
This gives you access to a much larger amount of expertise than any one
person can provide, as well as storing both the questions and the answers
in the archives.  Thus, I've redirected this reply to the list, and set
the Reply-To appropriately.

As for your ssh problem, it's a question of whether the authentication
token created by the ssh daemon will be trusted by the remote shares.
AFAIK, the one condition that has to hold for this is that the token
should contain the password (thus, no passwordless authentication).  Once
you have such a token, you may be able to "net use" the share (with a
password, of course).  On the other hand, IIUC, sshd will not authenticate
with the domain controller, so the token you get upon login might not be
enough in any case.  The only thing I can add is: make sure your
/etc/passwd and /etc/group files are up to date before you try this.

On Tue, 17 Jun 2003, Jason Vas Dias wrote:

> Good day -
> Sorry for contacting you out of the blue like this, but I saw your
> contribution to the mailing list and thought
> you might know the solution to my cygwin problem - if so, I'd
> be most grateful for your help.
> Users who log in using SSH do not see network drives; the same
> user logging in on the console sees all mounted drives.
> I am running Windows 2003 Server Enterprise, and just downloaded
> the latest release of cygwin.
> I have `sshd' running under user SYSTEM and installed as an NT service
> with cygrunsrv. =20
> A domain user  'Domain\User' logs onto the windows console and mounts
> drive 'W:\'  to a network SMB share '\\HOST\share' - it is accessible
> as /cygdrive/w.
> The same 'Domain\User' logs in from a remote machine and cannot see
> the 'W:\' (/cygdrive/w) drive, nor can they issue mount commands
> (`permission denied').
> Any suggestions you could offer as to how to enable SSH users to see
> SMB mounts would be most gratefully received.
> Thank You,
> Jason Vas Dias (

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