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stderr outputs veerrrryyy slowly

Hi, I've been using cygwin for a while now and most of the time I've
been able to figure out what's going on by RTFMing or searching, but
this one I can't seem to figure out.

Under certain circumstances, messages from programs that are sent to
stderr are displayed on the console very slowly.  It looks like an
emulation of a 1200 baud modem, no joke.

It does not happen all the time, for example "ls -l 1>&2" works fine at
normal speed.  It only seems to happen when the program writes an error
message to stderr and the normal stdout is redirected to a file, or
something along those lines.

Two programs that always do it are curl and tidy.  For example, if I run
"curl"; (some bogus IP addr) the error message "curl:
(7) Connect failed" gets printed in 1200 baud modem speed.  Or, if I run
"curl -o /dev/null"; then curl's little progress
indicator display gets printed very slowly.  If I run "tidy -o somefile
somefile.html" then tidy's messages (info, warning, error, etc) are
printed very slowly.

I've tried all sorts of perl one-liners to try and duplicate this, but I
just can't manufacture a setting where it does it.  Above cases are
about the only reproducable ones I can come up with, but I know there
are others.  I don't think it has anything to do in particular with curl
or tidy.

I'm running under Win2k SP3, cygwin.dll version 1.3.22-1, CYGWIN="ntea
tty ntsec" (the partition is NTFS), and a bunch of packages all of
whatever the latest stable version is according to setup.exe.  I use
plain old bash as my shell, no rxvt or X Windows or anything.

I don't recall when this started happening, but it wasn't always broken
like this... maybe 3-4 months ago?

Any ideas?  Do any of the above listed commands have the same result on
anyone else's system?


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