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Re: ftp: pipe doesn't work

On Wed, 18 Jun 2003, Chuck wrote:

> I've installed the inetutils package and am running the ftp command that
> was included in it. I tried to ftp the output of a piped command using the
> | as the first character of the file name and got the following error...
> ftp>  put '|tar cvf' test.tar
> ftp: local: '|tar: No such file or directory
> Is the pipe mechanism not implemented in cygwin's ftp?

Judging by the output, it looks like the quoting is not recognized, rather
than the pipe command.  Besides, isn't that pipe format supposed to be
used for *output* files, not input ones (as you attempted)?  Also, your
tar command parameters are wrong (or, at least, won't do what you
obviously intended).
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