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Re: stderr outputs veerrrryyy slowly

On Thu, Jun 19, 2003 at 10:11:55PM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>On Thu, Jun 19, 2003 at 10:02:15PM -0400, Larry Hall wrote:
>>Brian Dessent wrote:
>>>Larry Hall wrote:
>>>>Works for me fine either way.  Perhaps providing information
>>>>requested by <> will shed some light.
>>>>Perhaps not.
>>>>You could try it with strace and post the results too.
>>>Ok, attached should be the cygcheck -srv output.  Also, the strace log
>>>for running "tidy" on a html file is at
>>><>  It's pretty big, about 17000
>>>lines.  Of interest are two things:
>>>Running it under strace fixes the problem (!!) more or less.  The output
>>>is much faster, although not quite as fast as you would expect for
>>>console output:
>>>time strace -o strace.out tidy -o foo test.html
>>>real    0m4.640s
>>>user    0m0.010s
>>>sys     0m0.020s
>>>time tidy -o foo test.html
>>>real    0m39.301s
>>>user    0m0.070s
>>>sys     0m0.020s
>>OK, I have been able to reproduce this to some extent.  I'm using 'curl
>>-o /dev/null' which times in at about 1.5 to 2
>>seconds with 'tty' and about .5 seconds without.  I don't have any
>>additional data at this point but I thought I'd "chime in" with a "me
>>too", since I know that's what this list is all about.  ;-) Actually, I
>>wanted to let Brian and any others know that this doesn't appear to be
>>specific to their configuration.  If I find out more, I'll report back.
>This crops up on the cygwin list from time to time.
>IIRC, if you use 'setbuf(f, NULL)' in newlib (as is the case for
>stderr), it causes newlib to flush on every character.  I submitted a
>patch to fix this behavior many years ago but it was rejected.  I think
>the rationale was basically a "This isn't broken.  We're allowed to do
>this" but I don't really recall exactly why the patch was rejected.

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