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Re: Cygwin Net - Compilation

Hi Igor,

1.  Thanx for the reply.  The "../include" directory got 
included when I used umsgcc. umsgcc is in /c/ums/bin.

When I used gcc instead, there was no such problem,the 
appropriate gcclib directory got included and I got

gcc -fno-builtin -nostdinc -D __KERNEL__  -
I/home/Administrator/uClinux-dist/linux-2.4.x/include/  -
Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Wno-trigraphs -O1 -g -fno-strict-
aliasing -fno-common -I/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-
cygwin/3.2/./include -pipe -DNO_MM -DNO_FPU -Wa, -
DKBUILD_BASENAME=main -c -o init/main.o init/main.c

2. So, I included ums's gcclib: /c/ums/include/gcclib, after
/home/Administrator/uClinux-dist/linux-2.4.x/include/, with 
umsgcc, but still the problem continued.

3. To reduce the length of the include dir above, as
"/home/Administrator/uClinux-dist/linux-2.4.x"  happened
to be the current dir, I put in "./include", instead
of "/home/Administrator/uClinux-dist/linux-2.4.x".

Most of the File Not found errors went away!  One or 2
I don't seem to understand this spooky behavior...

Do you think it'll help, if I lay out umsgcc as gcc, in
the Cygwin environment, it might help ?

I mean put umsgcc in /usr/bin/.
Have a /usr/lib/machine/gcc-lib/... etc. ? 
I'm trying to get support from umsgcc developers...

THanx a bunch,
best regards,

---- Original message ----
>Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 12:42:37 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Igor Pechtchanski <>  
>Subject: Re: Cygwin Net - Compilation  
>With the flags it's given, the only two directories that 
umsgcc will
>search for include files are
and "../include"
>(which resolves to "/home/Administrator/uClinux-
dist/include", looking at
>the current directory).  Are those the correct include 
directories?  Do
>the missing include files exist in those directories?  If 
not, make sure
>you specify the right include directories using the -I flag.
>	Igor
>On Tue, 17 Jun 2003, DEEPA SIVASANKARANE wrote:
>> Hi Igor,
>>   Greetings! I'm getting back to this problem, as I had
>> to work on another lib. Anyway,just to recap the contents
>> below,
>> 1) I'm using an arch . specific gcc - umsgcc (specs below)
>> 2)  On compilation unable to find a few include files,
>>  so, did the foll. (as u suggested)
>>  1. mount -u -c '/\'   ; to get a "//c"  cygdrive prefix.
>>  2. mount c:/ /c        ; to get $PATH to work.
>> I still have the same problem with umsgcc. umsgcc is said 
>> support the options that gcc supports. Any suggestions
>> ost welcome.
>>  Make output being:
>> make ARCH=UMS CROSS_COMPILE=ums -C linux-2.4.x  || exit 1
>> make[1]: Entering directory `/home/Administrator/uClinux-
>> arch/UMS/Makefile:67: warning: overriding commands for 
target `archclean'
>> arch/UMS/platform/UMS/Rules.make:48: warning: ignoring old 
commands for target `archclean'
>> //c/UMS/bin/umsgcc -fno-builtin -nostdinc -D__KERNEL__   -
I/home/Administrator/uClinux-dist/linux-2.4.x/include/  -
Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Wno-trigraphs -O1 -g -fno-strict-
aliasing -fno-common -I../include -pipe -DNO_MM -DNO_FPU -
DKBUILD_BASENAME=main -c -o init/main.o init/main.c
>> init/main.c:14:25: No include path in which to find
>> linux/config.h
>> init/main.c:15:26: No include path in which to find
>> linux/proc_fs.h
>> init/main.c:16:34: No include path in which to find
>> linux/devfs_fs_kernel.h
>> init/main.c:17:25: No include path in which to find
>> linux/unistd.h
>> -----------------------------------------------------------
>> Thank you,
>> best regards,
>> Deepa
>> ---- Original message ----
>> >Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 14:00:41 -0400 (EDT)
>> >From: Igor Pechtchanski <>
>> >Subject: Re: Cygwin Net - Compilation
>> >Cc:
>> >
>> >Deepa,
>> >
>> >See <>.  You may also 
be able to run
>> >the old toolset by setting your cygdrive prefix to "//" 
(the obvious way,
>> >"mount -u -c //", won't work, but you can circumvent it 
by using
>> >"mount -u -c '/\'") -- *NOTE that this will make you 
unable to access any
>> >network share from that user account!*
>> >       Igor
>> >P.S. Try passing the -specs=FILE option to umsgcc -- that 
should make it
>> >read the specs from FILE, unless they *really* diverged 
from the gcc
>> >codebase.
>> [snip]
>      |\      _,,,---,,_
>ZZZzz /,`.-'`'    -.  ;-;;,_
>     |,4-  ) )-,_. ,\ (  `'-'		Igor Pechtchanski, 
>    '---''(_/--'  `-'\_) fL	a.k.a JaguaR-R-R-r-r-r-.-.-.  
>"I have since come to realize that being between your mentor 
and his route
>to the bathroom is a major career booster."  -- Patrick 

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