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Re: bash kills console history

On 20 Jun 2003, Sam Steingold wrote:

> when I start a non-cygwin interactive application in a console window
> under cmd, I can recall the previous lines with  the <Up> key and edit
> the current command line with <Left> and <Right>.
> when I start the same application under bash, I can no longer recall
> history with <Up> (although <Left>&<Right> still work).
> What does bash do to disable it?
> How can I get back history editing?
> Note that when I run the same program under GDB (which runs under
> bash!) I do get to edit previous commands with <Up>.
> Thanks!


Does the interactive application check whether its output is a console?
If it does, and bash uses a pty (which is a pipe, not a console), then the
application may decide that it's not running interactively (disabling the
history mechanism).  When gdb runs the application, it allocates a
separate console for it, so you get interactivity.

If my guess above is correct, there is no way to fix this short of always
opening the application in its own console (or fixing the application
code, if it's available).
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