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RE: Bourne Shell Programming on Windows

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> [] On Behalf Of Randall R Schulz
> TAM,
> Cygwin includes ash, BASH and pdksh (as well as zsh and tcsh), so the
> answer is pretty much "yes," though with BASH you might want to
> investigate its Bourne shell compatibility mode. I'm unfamiliar with
> any details of pdksh's Bourne compatibility, but it should be pretty
> close or perhaps have a Bourne shell compatibility mode as BASH does.

	Isn't 'ash' (/bin/sh) bourne shell compatible?  I thought the
intent in ashwas to strip the shell down to basics, but still run original
bourne shell scripts.  I'm not sure, but I think ash might provide
the closest bourne shell compatibility, since I don't think it provides
all the ksh enhancements.

	Assuming one only wanted the basic bourne shell, wouldn't ash
be the best choice (smallest .exe, least overhead, and fastest load
time).  I believe it is the shell used by default for /bin/sh.

	If you need korn shell extensions, /bin/sh might not have what you

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