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Re: ProFTPd usable on WinXP-HE, questionable to me

"Soren A." <> wrote in 

> Attachment decoded: cygcheck.2003.Jun.22
> --==_=_====____37794.70672821764D1BD3B9==

Sheesh. Did Gmane trip me up? There WAS all this text before the 
attached `cygcheck` output:


I've been trying to set up ProFTP on a WinXP Home Edition system with
Cygwin and it isn't working.

My efforts include reading "README.cygwin" under /usr/doc/proftpd/ and
making the suggested changes (insofar as I could understand the meanings
in the document) to /etc/proftpd.conf.

I understand that the ftpd has to have privs like "SYSTEM" and that
looking at past List messages, Jason Tischler says "run it as
LocalSystem" user. I don't know what OS Jason is talking about as there
is no such user "LocalSystem" on WinXP (yet XP is decended from NT).

So in the /etc/proftpd.conf file I have lines like:

  User      SYSTEM
  Group     Administrators

but when I try to run proftpd, it refuses to start because it won't
change user context. The user I run Cygwin as apparently doesn't have
sufficient perms to change user context like this. I don't know how to
add such rights to the account: the user IS (*IS* *IS* *IS*) an
"Administrator" on the local system (was created that way).

Can anyone loan me a clue about what can be done to fix this, i.e. give
my user account sufficient perms to run proftpd as "SYSTEM"?

The user management interface on WinXP that is where I'd look for
changes like those available under NT4, for changes various user rights,
just isn't there, AFAICT.

Alternatively, is there anything that can be done to convince ProFTPd to
run as another user?

I've tried (since the original broken posting) to start ProFTPd as 
another user via "runas", but it won't start the service that way (I ran 
the config script and then runas "net start proftpd"). The service 
appears in the Admin tool under "services" but trying to restart it 
always fails (i.e. it is always in a "stopped" state). Also I cannot get 
a commandline to "runas" that will work from bash, my only success has 
been from a CMD.exe prompt.

How are people doing this?

Sorry to be bitchy about it and thanks to all those who have contributed
to this port.

   Soren A.

PS. I am posting from Gmane.

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