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RE: ProFTPd usable on WinXP-HE, questionable to me

Vince Hoffman <> wrote in 

> Is this any help ?

Huhh. I guess I am screwed, because NTRights.exe looks like it is what I 
need, but it's only made available as a file in the NT/Win2K Resource Kit, 
and I am 6 months into moving lock, stock and barrel into basing nearly 
everything I do on GNU/Linux. At this late hour I am not about to pay M$ 
for the ResKit, when I have declined to do so for all these years. 
Especially since I only wanted to FTP a few files from a crippled SSHd 
machine (that's only able to run one logon client ssh session at a time, so 
cannot "scp" out a file back to the "client" machine, which is my typical 
strategy for finding a file on Linux and copying it to a Cygwin box).

So I can run a lesser ftpd I guess, or find another way to do this.

Thanks anyway, although it is frustrating, it is a tiny bit gratifying to 
know that I was right about sensing that there was a "hole" in M$ tools 
provided for this task and that something exists to fill that hole.

  Soren A.

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