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FAQ Alert - Re: Creating users and groups

Elfyn McBratney wrote:

On Mon, 23 Jun 2003, Eric Benson wrote:

I'm working on a set of daemons that should run under their own user and
group id. I'd like to write a shell script that will create this user
and group. I'm using useradd and groupadd on Red Hat Linux, but those
don't seem to exist on Cygwin. Is there a recommended way to handle this
situation on Cygwin? I don't need setuid bits on files, but I want to be
able to chmod and chgrp files and su to the userid so that these
processes belong to the right user. I confess I don't really know much
about Windows. My programs pretend to live in a wholly Unix world. I
would hate to have to use a manual process in Windows to create this
user. Isn't there some way of doing this from a shell script?

You can use the `net' command on NT/200[03]/XP to create windows accounts and
then `mkpasswd' and/or `mkgroup'.

I think we've heard this question enough to add it to the FAQ.  David,
can you do so on your next FAQ sweep?

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