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Re: download the older version of openssh

That's fine.  Actually, it would be worthwhile to hear what the result
of this reveals (i.e. does it work or not).  Please let the list know
whether the 3.5 version solves the problem for you.



Arnold Wang wrote:

I agree in principle that I should have the problem fixed rather going back
to the older version. However, I posted the question to this list several
days ago and haven't received any replies. I need a solution now so I can
have a working environment to have some real works done and the best
solution I can find now is going back to an older version.

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From: Larry Hall []
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2003 8:25 AM
To: Doug VanLeuven
Cc: Arnold Wang; cygwin-list
Subject: Re: download the older version of openssh

Doug VanLeuven wrote:

Larry Hall wrote:

Arnold Wang wrote:

Can someone tell me whether I can still download the older version, 3.5p1-3,
of openssh? It fixed the display problem I'm experiencing. With the latest
version, 3.6.1p1-2, I downloaded, certains NT console applications, like net
commands, won't have its output displayed through ssh session.

I expect the answer to this is 'no where', unless there is a very dated mirror out there. Perhaps you'd be interested in tracking this problem a little more closely in an effort to localize the problem and find a solution?

That would help.   But in the meantime, I just checked.
I have a copy lying in my local download directory.
Can you accept a 450kb mail attachment?

Arnold may. I and the list will not. Please don't send it to anyone other than Arnold, assuming he requests it. Note, I expect that you were only asking if Arnold would like to receive this attachment and not the entire list but I decided I would clear up any ambiguity. ;-)

To the extent that having this older version of the package "resurface"
adversely affects the likelihood that the problem with the current version
will get tracked down, I've little enthusiasm for it.  However, for
those that may use it to help pinpoint the problem, I laud the

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