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RE: No userid


It looks like you had /home/Administrator as your home directory even
before you changed the user name.  This would indicate that this
information comes from somewhere else.  Do you have HOME set in your
Windows environment?

I also don't recall you attaching the output of "cygcheck -svr" to any of
your previous messages (as requested in <>).
If you didn't, please do so -- it'll help in diagnosing the problem.

On Tue, 24 Jun 2003, Fox, Michael K wrote:

> I fixed the typo (removed the extra 8).  I assume this is what you
> meant me see.  But that didn't solve the problem.
> > From: Doug Jenkinson
> > Take a look at the second to last parameter, that's the home directory.
> > > I have tried modifying the fourth line of the passwd file as follows
> > >
> > > foo7873:unused_by_nt/2000/xp:500:513:U-E182960\Administrator,S-1-5-21-1061762173-587356633-675955863-500:/home/foo78783:/bin/bash
> > >
> > > After this, when I restart Cygwin and type whoami the answer is
> > > foo7873, but Cygwin still thinks my home directory should be
> > > /home/Administrator and creates a new folder by that name.

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