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Re: cygwin presentation ???

Sorry, should have spoken up sooner.

I am about to give a presentation on Cygwin (in french, so I don't have 
the same language problems cgf apparently had).

Basically, the red line in the presentation will be:
* Cygwin - what is it?
  * Cygwin - the - kernel
  * Cygwin - the - distribution
* Cygwin - what is it good for?
  * Kernel: POSIX emulation layer
  * Distri: UNIX-like working environment with many, many tools
* Cygwin distribution - what does it contain?
* Cygwin distribution - how to install (demo)
* Cygwin distribution - how to use (some examples of compiling, running, 
  handling the shell)
* Cygwin - what can WE use it for?
  * The utils we'll use here
    * Autotools
    * GNU Make
    * GNU Compiler Collection
  * How to use those utils in light of portability of the code
    * GCC C&C++ standards compliance
    * POSIX functions provided by Cygwin
    * Windows stuff not in Cygwin (structures exceptions)
* Cygwin - what is it not?
  * gcc != libc (a common mistake here, so I had to put it in)
  * Cygwin != UNIX

I don't show X because (mostly) I don't use it (I do everything on a 
console). I demonstrate just about everything with little programs I've 
prepared in advance that will or will not compile with Cygwin resp. MSVC. 
I also give a demonstration of Setup by partially installing the Cygwin 
net distro (I'll make sure not to have installed everything on the 
demonstration machine in advance, but I'll also install at least part of 
the distro so the installation doesn't take too long).

For the people here, I need to put the accent on gcc et al, and a bit less 
on Cygwin itself (the kernel). They're mostly Windows programmers used to 
GUIs, MSVC, Borland C++ Builder, etc. The goal is to at least be able to 
compile the programs under Cygwin so I have a bit less to do porting them 
to UNIX.



On Mon, 23 Jun 2003, Baer, Scott [LBRT/LNA] wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm getting ready to do a presentation to our local LUG on cygwin.. and
> wondered if anyone has put something together that I can work from ?  
> If not, I'm sure I can come up with something..  (basically the way I use
> it,.. remote X... but I know cygwin is so much bigger than that)
> Just thought I would check first.
> Thanks for your time,
> Scott
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