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Re: Network shares under ssh: some can, some can't wrote:
> I noticed some discussion on the list a while back, where people
> reported that if they logged in remotely to their Windows PC via
> slogin, they didn't have access to their network shares.
> I'd never worried too much about this, since I always just manually
> mapped the drives.  Today I also modified our local
> /etc/profile.d/ to automatically do this for you, since drives
> you normally map do show up (as "Unavailable") in a "net use".
> For me, it worked well.  For someone else, it doesn't.
> Me:
>     : [luke@nevin] .../luke; slogin doyle
>     luke@doyle's password:
>     Last login: Fri Jun 27 10:10:13 2003 from
> Other person:
>     linn> ssh riada
>     Warning: Remote host denied X11 forwarding.
>     Last login: Fri Jun 27 09:35:30 2003 from

Here you see the difference: password/passwordless. This issue has been
covered many *many* times, in the mailing list, and in the user's guide.


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