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Re: mkpasswd for HUGE domains?

On Fri, 27 Jun 2003, Igor Román Mariño wrote:

> Hello,
> I've had to add a user to /etc/passwd to access my computer by ssh via
> cygwin on w2k.
> The main problem was, that
> a) our modified version of windows (CERN/NICE) doenst allow the creation of
> new users to the local computer, as such I had to add the domain user
> b) our domain has over 10000 users
> c) mkpasswd -d doesnt have a way of especifiying a particular user, only the
> whole list
> d) getting the whole list takes over 50 minutes (and still counting)
> Could the tool be rewriten as to have either
> - a way of especify a particular user from a domain that you want to add
> - a faster way of getting all the users of such a HUGE domain
> Cheers: Igor

Umm, did you try the -u option?

$ mkpasswd --help
Usage: mkpasswd [OPTION]... [domain]

This program prints a /etc/passwd file to stdout

   -l,--local              print local user accounts
   -c,--current            print current account, if a domain account
   -d,--domain             print domain accounts (from current domain
                           if no domain specified)
   -u,--username username  only return information for the specified user

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