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ssmtp -t issues

Hello, I'm using ssmtp 2.38.  I use Pine as my mail agent and ssmtp to
actually send the mail out.  Thus I use ssmtp -t (which searches through
the message headers to find all the recipients).

Two bugs:
 * The big one: ssmtp -t accidentally overwrites the headers so that the
To: line only has the first address on the line.  Basically it overwrites
each comma with a null as it searches for addresses on the line.  There's
a one-line fix, of course, just write the comma back in afterward.

 * ssmtp -t doesn't understand the syntax "group-name: addresses;".
In particular it doesn't like when Pine creates a To: line with
"undisclosed-recipients: ;" when all addresses are in the Bcc:.

Also, I note that the README says
"Known problems:
  Pine uses a lot of sophiticated options to talk to sendmail, and uses
batched SMTP input which is not supported. The solution is to use your
mailhub as smtpserver in pine.conf."

But in fact, setting the "sendmail-path" in Pine's config file to
"/usr/sbin/ssmtp -t" works fine.  (More usefully, it can be set to a
script which queues mail for ssmtp -t to look at later.)


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